The blending and compression-storage functions of Kuang-jye minimises the frequency a garbage dump has to be cleared.This directly translates into substantial transportation and handling cost savings.In addition,its unique built-in features ensures the following benefits:

Kuang-jye's automatic deodorisation and disinfection functions prevent the breeding of insects and disease-causing organisms thereby eliminating incidental health hazards that otherwise would arise.

Its fully automatic garbage handling process ensures easy operation.This also reduces the health and safety risks posed to the operator as no direct contact with garbage is required.

Kuang-jye's double-sealed construction-an inner stainless steel compartment enclosed in an all-weather outershell-improves the hygiene of surrounding environment as garbage is always enclosed and liquid seepage from cintent is virtually impossible.

Its 24-hour unmanned garbage handling capability saves labour cost.

Its operational economy enables quick recovery of capital investment.

Its sealed construction eliminates fire hazard at garbage compounds.

The Kuang-jye can be easily installed at any location to utilise any available pocket of redundant space.

It can further be fitted with recyclable material recovery device to further reduce garbage quantity and recover recyclable contents.

Kuang-jye's weather-proof design ensures efficient operation at all times regardless of weather condition.

Designed for easy operation and clearing,a single garbage truck driver can easily operate the Kuang-jye on his own.

The Kuang-jye comforms to envirmental authority's policy of keeping garbage off the ground.

The Kuang-jye can be equiped with crushing device to deal with bulky garbage.

An additional advantage:Kuang-jye eliminates the possiblity of the garbage compound being messed up by junk goods dealers or animals going through its contents.

Multiple units can be simultaneously deployed at regional garbage depot.