Model Capacity Size(mm) Weight Watt
KJ-4 4M 3740 2000 2700 3600kg 3.2kw
KJ-6 6M 4370 2000 2700 3900kg 3.2kw
KJ-8 8M 5175 2000 2700 4200kg 4.7kw
KJ-10 10M 6175 2000 2700 4500kg 4.7kw
KJ-12 12M 7175 2000 2700 4800kg 4.7kw
Standard Equipment (All Models) Function
Disinfection Device Bio-c,disinfection,sterilization,environment sanitation improvement
Optional Accessories
Strengthen Crush System Increase storage capacity
Pipe route garbage-casting Convenient for garbage-casting on every floor,save human power.
Dumping automatically Collect at definite place with the collection car,dispose together in a short time.
Equipment Measurements
used at large facilities to automatically enclose, deodorise, compress and store rubbish and regular trash.

Special Characterisitics
Two layer enclosed storage compartment: stainless steel inner compartment and all weather outer shell.
Fully automatic disposal and collection process is simple yet sanitary.
Refuse is automatically deodorised,disinfected and compressed to maintain hygenine and maximise storage capacity.