Current Issues The Kuang-jye Solution Results
Storage Method
1. Double sealed construction.
2. 24 hours unmanned operation.
3. Automatic sterilization and deodorisation.
1. This ensures garbage is always covered while enabling hygienic and efficient disposal.
2. 24 hours unmanned garbage handling solves the twin problems of environmental hygiene and occupational safety.
3. As the processed content are deodorised and disinfected , there is no risk of secondary pollution at discharge.
Storage Location
1. Maximise volume capacity on any given area.
2. Efficiently utilise available space
1. By breaking down bulky garbage and compacting content , the Kuang-jye overcomes the space limitations commonly associated with bins and carts.
Treatment Method
Operatiog system.
Fully automatic operation cuts garbage collection time by 80%!
Impact On
1. No pollution.
2. No offensive odour.
3. Exterior styling.
1. No risk of physical pollution as no harmful chemica;s are used in the treatment process. Kuang-jye's design further eliminates noise pollution.
2. No adverse impact on surrounding environment as the refuse content is automatically deodorised and disinfected.
3. Kuang-jye is styled for a clean image.
Operational Safety
and Hygiene
1. Fully automatic operation.
2. Simplufy storage site cleaning.
3. Eliminates harmful psychological effects on cleaners brought about by unhygienic working environment.
1. The entire garbage handling process is automated.
2. Easy operation improves productivity.
3. Maintains hygiene and cleanliness of garbage compound.
Time and Cost
1. Improves efficiency of garbage collection effort.
2. Saves labour.
3. Saves transport cost.
1. The Kuang-jye has got sufficient capacity to hold 2-3 days' garbage output. Stored content can be speedily unloaded onto refuse truck for removal.
2. Minimise labour cost.
3. Compression storage feature coupled with automatic content disinfection eliminates the need to clear content on a daily basis. This greatly reduces garbage removal cost.