Receipt Of Garbage :
When garbage is fed into the Kuang-jye via the inlet,the internal rolling drum starts to rotate.At the same time,deodoriser and disinfectant are sprayed onto the content.

Drum Rotating :
The churning effect generated by the rotating drum breaks and blends content to ensure that it is properly mixed.
Compressed Storage :
As more garbage is received,the compression effect sets in as the content is forced towards the inner end of the stainless steel compartment by the rotating action of the internal rolling drum.
Automatic Content Discharge :
The compressed content finally automatically discharged into a waiting garbage truck via a built-in conveyor belt.The whole process thus does not require human contact with the garbage content.
Optional Accessories
The Kuang-jye can be fitted with the following accessories for total garbage disposal automation at building complexes :
1. Ducting
Material : sus304x2B stainless steel sheets
Thickness : 1.5mm
External diameter : 600mm
Length : Custom made to actual site measurement.
2. Inlet Door
Material : sus304x2B stainless steel sheets
Thickness : 1.5mm
Surface : Polished
Opening Direction : From left to right
Remarks : To ensure unobtrusiveness,the design of the inlet door should match the surrounding.
3. Control Indicator Panel At Inlet Doors
Instruction Light :
Green : Safe to throw in garbage
Yellow : In operation
Red : Abnormal condition
Floor Indication : Floor level indicator panel at every floor
Explanation of displays : When the green light is on,it is safe to throw in garbage.When the inlet door on onefloor is opened,the instruction light panel on other floors will show yellow ; indicating that the systems is in operation and the inlet doors on these floors will be momentarily locked. Also shown at the same time is the floor number where the inlet door is opened.
4. Chute Washing Device
Pulley Motor : 1 horsepower
Hanging Weight : 600 Kg
Cable : Stainless steel cable with 6mm thickness
Cleaning Brush : Stainless steel inner frame with nylon bristles
Brush Diameter : External diameter 650mm

Spray Mechanism Operation

The Kuang-jye should be connected to a water pipe and fitted with a non-toxic chemical reservoir. When the fluid level in no.2 reservoir falls to the lower limit,the chemical quantity-regulatiog spray nozzle and the electro-magnetic valve installed in the water pipe will simultaneously activate to refill it. When the fluid level reaches the upper limit,the refilling action will terminate. The cycle reports automatically. When the content in the non-toxic chemical reservoir falls to the lower limit,anindicator light will come on to alert the attendant. It will then have to be refilled manually.

Chute Washing Operation
The chute washing device will automatically be activated at preset intervales together with a spray nozzle. When this occurs,all inlet doors will be automatically locked for added safety. The rotating cleaning brush will be gradually lowered from the top to brush through the full length of the chute. The brush will stop once it competes the lowest floor. It will then be returned to its position at the top of the chute. At the next preset time(usually every 24 hours)this process will automatically repeat itself.