Garbage Compound Environmental Analysis
After the installation of the Kuang-jye,the hygiene and cleanliness levels at garbage compounds are greatly improved.Problems which are normally associated with garbage compounds-such as odour,puddles,stains,scavenging animals,health hazards from the breeding of disease-causing organisms-are significantly resolved.By minimising the need for garbage holding space,the Kuang-jye also helps enhance the attractiveness of building.

Noise Impact Analysis

The expertly designed double-sealed construction of the Kuang-jye reduces the level of operating noise emission to 60dB(measured at a distance of 3m).

Waste Water Impact Analysis
The double-sealed storage compartment prevents the wetting of its content even in heavy rain. At the same tome,fluids contained in wet garbage is absorbed by the dry,absorbent items present during crushing,mixing and blending. These features greatly reduces the volume of liquid residuces in the compartment when its content is discharged into a garbage truck. The Kuang-jye is further designed with a drain sum to effectively drain out any liquid residuces.

Neighbourhood Impact Analysis
Many issues surrounding refuse disposal are addressed by the efficient operation of the Kuang-jye,Kuang-jye frees the neighbourhood from the sight and small of garbage.In addition,its quiet operation ensures that the tranquility of its surrounding is not disturbed.